Which Fusion Signage licence is best for me?

Here’s a quick rundown on each of our licences to help make your decision as clear as possible.  basic licence Basic is ideal for those who are new to digital signage; giving you everything you need to get content on your screens, without any of the unwanted clutter or hassle. If you have one location […]

Hardware Best Practices when running Fusion Signage

To proactively combat potential hardware issues, and ensure Fusion Signage works the way you need, please follow the below recommended hardware settings. correct time and date *Very important if you want your advanced Scheduling feature to work as intended.* Ensuring the time and date are accurate based on your location is important if you wish […]

How to choose the right cloud based software for your digital signage

Over our years in the industry, too many times we’ve seen clients sold an expensive, overpowered digital signage software system that required a degree to operate. This leaves businesses thinking digital signage is difficult and time consuming, when in fact it shouldn’t be that at all. To assist with your research in choosing the right […]

Our top three tips to get the most out of your digital signage

1. outline your strategy Having a digital signage strategy will ensure you – and your audience – get the most out of your investment. A thorough digital signage strategy should include all aspects of your solution, including: purpose, location, content, software, hardware & ongoing support. We recommend starting by asking yourself what kind of experience […]

Concept Eight onboard with Fusion Signage for digital signage content management

Concept Eight onboard with Fusion Signage for digital signage content management Concept Eight is the name behind successful QSR brands, Noodle Box, Wokinabox, Pattysmiths, Supreme Leader, Alabama Wings, Double Dragon Dumplings and Supreme Noodles. With over 25 years of retail food industry experience, Concept Eight is one of Australia’s largest multi-brand franchisors. proud early adopters […]