2022 Report: Digital Signage Trends By Industry

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Leading industries, up-and-coming opportunities and the winner is…

Curious about your industry’s digital signage usage?

You’re not alone. In fact, with digital signage continuing to power up across Australia at record speed – you’re just in time (phewf!).

So don your finest ball gown, suit or showstopper. Acceptance speech on standby. As we roll out the red carpet for the front-runners and up-and-comers in this neat 2022 digital signage industry report.

“Hang on a sec – where did you pull these stats?”
So pleased you asked.
We’re not picking favourites. Pinky promise. Actually, this data’s the result of slipping on our spectacles and reviewing our very own client base at Fusion Signage.
Then, all those fun numbers found a comfy spot on a spreadsheet. Each ready for us to share the data alongside a celebratory award announcement. Because, who doesn’t love a party?
So without further ado…
The lights are dimmed, the tiny donut statues are backstage, and now (finally). The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Let the digital signage industry report awards begin!

Right after this short ad break about what you’ll find inside:

Why digital signage matters in 2022

Leading industries
– Winner – most popular
– Runner-up – most beautiful
– Third place – A+ experience

Opportunities to innovate
– Winner – upcoming
– Runner-up – next in line
– Third place – stacked for success

Digital Signage Industry Report by Fusion Signage - And the award goes to

why digital signage matters in 2022

2022 proves that being technologically adaptive is critical. Just look at the impromptu comeback of QR codes. The acceleration of AI. The undeniable advances of total experience (TX).
Simultaneously (and naturally), digital signage sees momentous growth.
As well? Between 2021 and 2027, the global digital signage market’s predicted to grow a further 11.9 billion.
Which leads to one big marshmallowy question: is your organisation keeping up?
Leading industries

You know what they say: you snooze, you feel great.

Oh wait, that’s not it. You lose.

‘But I don’t want to lose,’ we hear you whisper. Neither do we! That’s why it’s pretty terrific you’re here. You know it’s a clever move to be in the know about your industry. So is yours a front-runner?

*A red velvet curtain slowly lifts* – the digital signage industry report winners are…

🎉 Winner – Most Popular


It’s true – clever restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs and clubs make up a whopping 28.4% of Fusion Signage users.

So the most popular award deservingly goes to the pancake flippers, sushi rollers and beer pourers among us.

And it’s no surprise. Especially since 74% of customers note that an easy-to-read menu is their top priority. And digital signage can make wait times feel precisely 35% faster.

In fact, 88% of restaurants are considering making the switch to digital.

It’s the perfect reason to knead digital signage into your every day and roll it out in-store.

Next on the pass: your free 21 day trial.

Preheat your excitement with a peek at star players in action:

🍾 Runner-up – Most Beautiful


In second place (it was *this* close!), retail struts out with the most beautiful award.
Why? They make up a picture-perfect 25.6% of Fusion Signage users.

Whether it’s because they adore the quick promotion updates across locations… Appreciate the easy scheduling for different screens around the store… Or are part of the 43% of retail digital signage users who use digital signage as an important tool to train staff. Retail stores take digital signage to the checkout without hesitation.

Word on the street: digital signage boosts in-store traffic by 33%. Yep, that’s what FUJIFILM’s found. Which makes sense, since according to a FedEx survey, 68% of consumers believe signage quality reflects product quality.

Or maybe it’s the 29.5% reported increase in purchase amounts that has retail stores schmoozing backstage, the silver award in hand.

Ready to try it on for size? Start your trial for free today.

🍾 Third Place – A+ Experience


Education scribes its way into third place of this digital signage industry report!

Making up 6.4% of Fusion Signage’s customer base. Education comes in as one of the most popular industries using digital signage for good. It frisbees off the academic hat and grabs bronze with two eager hands.

Think about it: schools, TAFEs, universities and colleges. They all have one thing in common – educating.

And digital signage? Well, it goes with educating like lunchtime and schoolyard sandwiches.

Used to welcome students, notify visitors about upcoming events, even as a wayfinding tool.

Nothing screams A+ like a seamless experience from the morning bell right up until the night class’s last lecture.

EdTech notes that digital signage plays an important role in both day-to-day runnings, and emergencies. Why? Because accurate information shared quickly is key.

Used across classrooms, cafeterias and orientation weeks – digital signage in the education space is a no-brainer. Try it for free today.

opportunities to innovate

Sure, it’s essential for leading industries to keep up with others in their space.

Though, this offers terrific opportunities for other industries, too.

To pave the way and stand out in their spaces.

Given 2022’s leading trends, we predict a series of industries are up-and-coming in the space. Is yours one of them?

🎉 Winner – Leading Up-and-comer

Aged Care

Health and safety messaging, personalised welcome signage, visitor greetings and wayfinding.

The list goes on as to why aged care and digital signage are a perfect match. Come on up and snag your trophy.

*Proceeds to go on* Adjustable text sizes. Display schedules. And easy drag and drop imagery for simple content updates (like featuring photos from Mabel’s birthday within minutes of blowing out the candles). Digital signage offers aged care homes a simple, celebration-worthy solution.

Think: reminding residents of upcoming events. Past experiences. And even details about themes. Like western font for the John Wayne movie marathon. Cursive for the swing dance night. Or big bubbly words for the 70s revival party.

Rich Salt shares that digital signage can even be useful for record-keeping for proof of play. This is particularly useful for audits and staff efficiency. Win!

Add it to the agenda: try Fusion Signage free for 21 days.

🍾 Runner-up – Next in Line


If you’re in the mining and resources industry, what are you waiting for? Digital signage should absolutely be on your radar!

Easily update safety information, wayfinding and menu boards in the mess. Upcoming events? Keep everyone on the same page with clever digital signage across multiple locations.

Get outta your shelter and onto the stage. According to this very digital signage report, opportunity strikes. Eureka!

Curious? Trial our digital signage software for free.

🍾 Third Place – Stacked for Success

Distribution Centres

Whether you’re a warehouse, head office location or centre distributing goods – add digital signage to your packing list.

For team onboarding, directions, occupational health and safety. Update COVID messages in a flash. And menu boards with ease. Share educational signage that sticks.

We understand your company or organisation has its own way of doing things. Reach out to our adaptive team who has the flexibility to custom build any additional features you need.

*Curtain closes*

We’d like to thank every Fusion Signage user for coming tonight. To our winners, congratulations! Whether you’re a leading industry. Or in a space of opportunity. Digital signage has snuggled into your organisation in a big way. Another worthy contender not yet on this list?

As this digital signage industry report shows: 2022 is the year to streamline signage, no matter your industry. Could you take out the next award? Try for free, today.