Discover the best digital signage software for you

3 min read

Thrown Fusion Signage’s licence options in the air like three juggling balls? You’re in the right place. Here’s a speedy rundown on each to help make your decision as clear as happy tears.

basic licence

New to digital signage? Basic’s ideal.

This licence features everything you need and nothing you don’t (confirmed by our clever customers). Take the trickery out of tech and bring your digital signage to life in minutes.
Basic is the best digital signage software licence for you if you have a screen or two and are happy to post on the go.

You’ll quickly notice that familiar feel. Like, everything inside your CMS is in its place. Right where you left it.

advanced licence

Like to plan ahead? Advanced is for you.

Whether you own multiple stores. Manage many locations. Or run a single space and crave the time-saving benefits of being organised. Create, schedule and update content for multiple locations in minutes. Automated scheduling is a crowd favourite.
Advanced is your absolute match if you want to share permissions with other users and update screens in different parts of the store (or even across locations). Save time, effort and last-minute rushes with Advanced features and functionality.

pro licence

Large network? Go Pro.

The Pro licence allows you to manage hundreds to thousands of screens effortlessly, from the one place. You’ll love pro-level features like the tagging system, in-depth user management, proof of play reports and interactivity.
Pro is perfect for you if you’re serious about streamlining your signage in a series of simple steps. To set your digital signage to “live” in a matter of minutes, at a fraction of the cost. No matter where you or your teams are.