Fusion Signage February 2022 Release

A bunch of new features just hit your Fusion Signage account! We like to call them ‘lifestyle features’. Because just like donuts, doggos and a cheeky afternoon roller skate… These features *actually* make life more enjoyable. Brighter. Bit fun.

‘Check Out’ These Digital Signage for Retail Secrets

It’s easy to find reasons to love retail digital signage software (and we’re not talking about Snuggies). Soft *wear* items aside, interactive shopping experiences are here to stay. So, wrangle a trolley, and follow us for a “retail digital signage meeting in aisle 7!” In-store digital signage just got way (way) more exciting.

Quick Start Guide

Your new CMS is rocket science-free. And pretty much impossible not to have set up in 10 minutes or less. But just in case, you’ll find every step inside this 52-second video. Or our Brisbane-based team (hello!) are here to help at any time. https://youtu.be/Wik3JloLS7E view more quick tutorials

Fusion Signage in Restaurants & QSR

Download the free PDF below to check out why cafes, bars and restaurants love Fusion Signage digital signage software. digital signage made easy Digital signage is a highly effective way for restaurants and qsr to display their menu, promotions or ordering system; with an immediate and lasting impact on customer and brand experience. However, in […]

How digital signage can support your COVID-safe business plan.

We all know Covid-19 is affecting people and businesses everywhere. Which means now more than ever we should help each other how we can. That’s why we’re sharing some ideas on how to use your digital signage to stay Covid-safe. If you’ve invested in digital signage, get the most out of it even midst pandemic! […]

Fusion Signage guided demos and onboardings

At Fusion Signage we want to ensure our product meets (or exceeds) the expectations of our customers. While we offer a free trial for 21 days, giving customers the ability to see and use the platform, one of our most valuable features is our free guided demos and onboardings. it goes a little something like […]