The benefits we offer our Fusion Signage Resellers

We would love to tell you a little bit more about us; how we truly understand our Resellers and, as a result of our experience, how Fusion Signage aims to make your job easier.  finding the perfect solution We know how hard it can be to sell a digital signage solution because we were a […]

What is digital signage software?

If you’re a progressive business using digital signage, you’ll be needing a content management system (otherwise known as digital signage software) to help run and manage your content. But why? What is digital signage software and how does it fit into your overall solution? We’ve aimed to answer all of your most common questions below. […]

Digital Signage Ideas: 48 Ways to Drive Engagement at Your School (Free Download!)

You’ve probably noticed that digital signage is really starting to take off in education. And we are not talking huge LED signs on the street, we’re talking things like video walls in resource centres, to menu boards at tuckshops and even single screens in corridors for basic messaging. That’s right, it can be that simple!  But […]

What is digital signage?

Chances are, you have seen or interacted with some form of digital signage and not even known it. Being in the industry, our brains are fine tuned to see digital signage everywhere we go. But most consumers don’t realise exactly what it is. Integrating digital technology into physical environments can be as simple as putting […]

Get started with your trial licence

We’re excited to have you onboard and set up with a trial licence! You said you’re feeling confident, so let’s get stuck into our quick start guide. This video will have you up and running in under a minute. book in your free demo Now that you’ve had a look around, it’s an ideal […]

40sec Hack: How to Publish Your Content in Under a Minute

Here’s an insider trick on how to create a playlist, upload content and assign it to a screen – all from within your Playlists tab and all in under a minute. need further assistance? check out our full tutorial video instead: more helpful reads Getting the most out of your digital signage Digital Signage […]

Hardware Best Practices when running Fusion Signage

To proactively combat potential hardware issues, and ensure Fusion Signage works the way you need, please follow the below recommended hardware settings. correct time and date *Very important if you want your advanced Scheduling feature to work as intended.* Ensuring the time and date are accurate based on your location is important if you wish […]

How to choose the right cloud based software for your digital signage

Over our years in the industry, too many times we’ve seen clients sold an expensive, overpowered digital signage software system that required a degree to operate. This leaves businesses thinking digital signage is difficult and time consuming, when in fact it shouldn’t be that at all. To assist with your research in choosing the right […]

Our top three tips to get the most out of your digital signage

1. outline your strategy Having a digital signage strategy will ensure you – and your audience – get the most out of your investment. A thorough digital signage strategy should include all aspects of your solution, including: purpose, location, content, software, hardware & ongoing support. We recommend starting by asking yourself what kind of experience […]