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Welcome to your designer encyclopedia. Browse the library below for tutorials covering every tool and feature of the Designer. But first, start with this nice short intro.

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Browse tutorials for every topic, from adding videos to your designs to learning about editing published designs. If you ever run into trouble in the Designer, just head here and you’ll find what you need!


Learn how to add, style and arrange text in your designs, as well as upload your own fonts.


Discover how to add images from a range of different sources, and work with them in your designs.


Learn how to add videos to your designs and edit playback settings.


Find out how to add and arrange shapes in your designs, as well as edit their colours.


Learn how to add and change different types of backgrounds in your designs including video and image backgrounds.

Layer Management

Find out everything you need to know about layer management including re-ordering and locking layers.

Canvas Settings & Overlays

Discover how to change canvas settings including canvas dimensions, plus learn how to make your design an overlay. 

Advanced Editing

Learn how to use awesome features that give you extra control over editing and positioning within your designs.

Editing Published Designs

Work with designs that are already published to your playlists, schedules or zones, or are live on your screens.

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In our Support Centre you’ll find Installation Guides, General Support FAQs, Release Updates and an entire step-by-step Help Guide.

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