Digital Signage for Real Estate: 3 Ways to Build an Equitable Customer Experience

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Turn left into Digital Signage for Real Estate Drive. You have reached your destination! If you’re yet to peer through the peephole of digital real estate signs for customer experience… here’s your exclusive tour. No matter if you want to update ‘SOLD!’ signs in minutes. Deploy captivating listings without expensive designers. Even personalise experiences at open houses or in meetings. Wipe your feet and come on in – “door’s open!”.

Selling your clients a diamond in the rough is one thing. Offering a charming experience with uninterrupted views of their life’s new chapter is another. So it’s never been more important for real estate agents to captivate the imagination with definitely-not-haunted listings and signage.

In fact, in a recent study, Custom Neon found that nearly 85% of those surveyed preferred bright and colourful signage and 72.2% believed that good signage is more important for a business than social media or newspaper ads.

Recent research also shows that the average person’s attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds. Where’s captivation on your priority list? Time to make it as high as the ceiling.

Today’s expressions of interest include:

Update signage displays on autopilot, in minutes

Create the most captivating listings on the market

Personalise experiences affordably

Digital Signage for Real Estate

Just like rustic farmhouses. Colonial cottages. And Mediterranean beachside shacks. Everyone has their own style and preference. So you’ll be thrilled to know that digital signage is a versatile addition to your real estate agency.

Use digital signage in:

Window displays

Offices and meeting rooms

Team trainings

Event spaces

Open houses

1. Update signage displays on autopilot, in minutes

Your signage is prime real estate. And when it comes to customer experience, accuracy is key. Real estate digital signs allow you to update listings, instructions and information quick-smart.

This means you can quickly:

Put up listings – right when that new property hits the market

Take down advertisements – like, the moment the gavel slams for ‘sold!’

Why does this matter? Because blowing the minds of potential buyers and renters greatly relies on serving the right message at the right time.

Long gone are the days of paper displays gathering dust.

Consider your digital real estate signs the ultimate spring-clean. Easier to update. Quicker to captivate. Exciting-er to share.

Schedule – set signage to autopilot ahead of time

Daypart – display targeted information at different times of the day

Think family home listings for the after school grocery run. Low price listings when tourists visit town. And let’s not forget the commercial spaces during industry expos.

Real Estate Digital Sign Listing
Real estate window displays are hot property

2. Create the most captivating listings on the market

Consider static signage the cosy apartment nestled beside digital signage’s gigantic mansion. Sure, static window displays have served their purpose. But between impossibly small font and 2-3 spaces for photos, selling properties using them is harder than it has to be.

Alternatively, digital signage for real estate allows you to:

Showcase multiple areas of the property

Set text to appear and disappear on cue

Share video, pictures and floor plans

Captivate with sleek transitions

Want to take your listings to new heights?

Make use of themed templates. Perhaps a coastal theme for the Byron studio. A chic look for the Brisbane CBD art deco apartment. Or a woodland scene for the lifestyle move to the mountains.

Fusion Signage’s Designer and Marketplace
make creating unforgettable designs simple

The Designer: upload your photos, videos and fonts. Or choose from free libraries inside (including 1 million free photos). Then drag and drop layouts to create beautiful real estate digital signs. Easy-peasy.

Marketplace: Start by choosing from professional ready-made templates. Then personalise your chosen real estate-ready templates by using the Designer.

3. Personalise experiences, affordably

Throw the printing budget in the bin along with last month’s leftover donuts. Digital signage offers a delightfully affordable alternative to printed signage.

Did you know that today, 80% of consumers expect personalisation? It’s true! And real estate agents do too.

After all, positive personalised experiences have clear benefits for businesses. Like the 39% of people who are likely to tell friends or family and the 32% who are likely to leave a positive review.

Digital signs are like the friendly neighbour you never knew you needed.

Use your personalised digital signage on-site to:

Share directions

Humanise team members

Reflect current weather events

Welcome new potential applicants or tenants

Inform about features and days the property’s been on the market

Then? Scrap the handouts in your office.

When clients visit, bring up their welcome message and potential property on the big screen in a matter of clicks.

Organise pre-built designs in folders such as ‘potential new home’, ‘just sold’ and ‘rental application’. Then, simply replace names and media to set your new personalised experience live in minutes.

Streamline meetings with captivating digital signage, and not an ‘I don’t have a pen!’ in sight. Your signage has infinite possibilities in-house. From happy team trainings, to easy events and beyond.

digital signage for real estate: vacant and ready to move in!

This gorgeous digital signage software is located anywhere you are. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and you’re in. With fantastic interiors that feel just like home, your software boasts neat-and-tidy boutique features right on your doorstep.

Ready for your next big move?