Digital Signage for Schools | 3 Ways To Impress

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3 Ways to Achieve A+ Experiences with Digital Signage for Schools

Class is in session! Yet to research the benefits of digital signage for schools, universities and educational institutions? Well, there’s a new kid in town! Whether it’s the informative ease, real-time updates or reputation boosting powers. You’ve pushed your glasses up with a single finger, ready to turn the page on what this whole digital signage craze is about. That’s where we come in (come peek at our answers!).

*Passes note* Students take experiences seriously. Like HSC seriously. Like ATAR score seriously. Like limited-edition-pie-in-the-tuck-shop seriously. In fact, Teachthought says that it’s absolutely necessary for schools to introduce digital signage. Why? Because it’s arguably the best way to connect with today’s tech-savvy students.
According to Digital Signage Today, students now expect (and 97% prefer!) digital communications. The fact that the digital native generation (do you feel as old as we do when we say that?) now own, on average, 7 digital devices, has pushed upwards of 70% of colleges to make use of captivating digital signage.
Q: Should you be one of them?
A: Read on to check out if digital signage for schools is an A+ choice for you.

Today’s lesson plan includes:

Personalise digital display boards for your school

Bring digital signage for education to life in minutes

Organise digital signage like Mr Hongamoski

Grow your reputation

Lecture theatre school digital signage mock-up

1. Personalise Digital Display Boards for Your School

Life’s busy on campus. You need eyes on info fast. Welcome to personalised digital display boards for your school.

Rumour has it that digital display boards allow your school to:

Reach the right students

In the right place

At the right time

Picture this: a sign congratulating the winning football team as they come off the field. And a separate announcement to welcome classmates with the victory as they break for lunch.

1 million free stock photos in Fusion Signage

A gallery of style inspo photos 6 months before the formal. Ticket reminders. And tips on asking your formal date to come with you.
Just-in weather warnings, new bus timetables and government instructions. 

Ready to engage students and teachers on cue. And all live in *minutes*. Read: before the bell.

School girl thank you digital signage content

2. Bring Digital Signage for Education to Life in Minutes

With a large admin team, inviting another tool into the mix might feel like a headache just waiting to erupt (like little Suzie’s volcano experiment).

Good news: this digital signage software is so filled with bicarb easy you’ll feel like you’ve stolen the teacher’s answers from the moment you log in.

There’s no 547-page manual.

No weird tech talk.

No confusing bits.

Instead, you can:

Design content with The Designer and Marketplace

Update signage at a moment’s notice, from anywhere

Invite as many users as you like to join your digital signage party

Here’s how designing is done:

3. Organise Digital Signage Like Mr Hongamoski

*That* teacher. Every school has one. The colour coordinated pens. The neatly stored away files. The glasses lens wipes.

Everything’s in its place. And neatly tucked away right until he needs it.

You’ll feel like *that* teacher when you log into your school’s digital signage software. It’s easy, intuitive and designed with you in mind.

Easily create folders to group:

Sports carnivals

Disco nights



Then, at a moment’s notice, bring up your designs and send your signs live.

University end of semester digital display signage

Use your noggin and schedule repeating events or occasions you host or celebrate ahead of time. Think: Jeans for Genes Day, Easter or even Halloween if you’re a spooky school.

Several campuses? Easy-peasy. Simply group content across locations and update all content in a matter of clicks.

Empowered tip: Add these special days to your annual calendar

4. grow your professional reputation

We know we said three ways to impress – but everyone likes extra credit, right? Here’s your fourth tip.

Did you know: on average, schools spend $200,000 a year on printing? Digital signage acts as your affordable solution that offers dynamic functions to use over and over.

With software starting from just 24c a day, digital signage also allows you time to tick off other important tasks. Like crafting compelling marketing materials, personally greeting parents or hosting athletics carnivals on the front oval while potential students’ parents drive past. We like your style.

Create seamless experiences where you:

Help new students find their way to their next class

Farewell visitors with photos from their time on campus

Display awards, media features and student records on cue

Digital signage is designed to illuminate your school, university or educational facility’s best attributes right when you need them.

No need for a big printing budget, expensive designers or staff wasting hours tapping their foot by the printer.

Fusion Signage digital signage software support for your school or university

digital signage for schools: the verdict

Exams. Excursions. Extra events thrown in the mix at the last minute. Today’s ten gold stars go to you. Crafting captivating content for your campus is no easy feat. Until now.

With Fusion Signage’s easy content designer, simple features and organised interface. Your affordable, effective and A+ student experience is just a few clicks away.