‘Check Out’ These Digital Signage for Retail Secrets

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It’s easy to find reasons to love retail digital signage software (and we’re not talking about Snuggies). Soft *wear* items aside, interactive shopping experiences are here to stay. So, wrangle a trolley, and follow us for a “retail digital signage meeting in aisle 7!” In-store digital signage just got way (way) more exciting.

Here’s a collection of retail digital signage secrets to empower your team, elevate in-store experiences and even increase purchase amounts (more on that soon!).

Inside your goodie bag:

  • In-store digital signage statistics to pop in your basket
  • Secret 1. Discount time spent teaching tech
  • Secret 2. Update every aisle, level and store
  • Secret 3. Schedule to streamline sales
  • Time to scan: Digital signage for retail

In-store digital signage statistics
to pop in your basket

Sure, digital signage is pretty. Like, really *reeeeally* pretty. But it’s also effective. In fact, digital signage displays have been found to increase brand awareness by 48%. Retailers also report a 33% boost in-store traffic. And a further 75% of consumers say they’ve told someone about a store based on its signage.

And here’s an interesting one. This FedEx Office survey even found that 68% of consumers believe a store’s signage reflects its products’ quality. The better the signage – the higher the perceived quality. And if that’s not enough to try on a ‘just because’ suit and wink at yourself, we don’t know what is.

Infographic of retail digital signage statistics

Digital signage for retail offers many benefits. Including a 29.5% increase in purchase amounts, as reported by Global Access. Yes, really.

But beyond the results, you’ll want to make sure the process is easy, too. Like, a bazillion times easier than hanging up some elaborate shirt on one of those double coat hangers with the clippy things. What a cheeky little invention!

Whether it’s the time saved, impact made or sales systems you crave. Here are the top secrets to using retail digital displays to your POSitive advantage.

Secret 1. Discount Time Spent Teaching Tech

Did you know: 43% of retail digital signage users rate it as an important tool to train staff?

It’s true!

But let us ask you this: what if your digital signage software was so easy, staff could even figure it out themselves?

You – “I’m listeningggg…”

With its simple interface and natural design, Fusion Signage’s retail signage software is easy to learn, use *and* update.

Why does that matter?


Let’s say your team missed an email from Head Office over the weekend. Or Black Friday crept up quickly. Sudden TikTok trend to pounce on? Your staff have it under control. And though the software’s easy, our Brisbane support team are ready to help at any time.

Update your retail digital displays in minutes. Even if you’re not in store.

For training purposes. For your team to use. Or to keep your retail business’s finger on the pulse.

Here, see for yourself:

Secret 2. Update *Every* Aisle, Level & Store

From inner Sydney to Alice Springs. Burleigh to Byron. Even Perth to Port Macquarie.

Save time printing, blu-tacking and slipping sales signs into those annoying little sign holders. Here’s how to create a bigger impact. All in a few clicks.

Easy grouping

Update all signage across aisles, levels or even stores using Fusion Signage’s snazzy grouping feature. All it takes is a matter of clicks. And every location’s updated to perfection.

Group by:

  • Store location (i.e. Adelaide stores)
  • In-store location (i.e. POS)

See how industry leaders Hairhouse use Fusion Signage across stores:

Make a splash, with a moment’s notice

Hilarious news event gone viral? Oprah Winfrey just raved about a product you stock? New fashion trend just dropped (we’re talking mere minutes ago)?

Create massive impact, with a quick and easy process.

Here’s a trend we’re predicting –> 

No matter the occasion, slip into something more comfortable and use quick grouping to your (competitive) advantage. With its natural design, it’ll feel like sliding into your old faithful kicks. Or as comfy as socks and sandals. There, we said it.

… (Hey, it could happen!)

Keep on top of trends to increase talkability

This may come as a surprise. But your in-store digital signage actually has the potential to make waves *outside* the shop. Through social media shares, photos to friends or conversations long after the visit. Keep your shop relevant across the board.

An effective way to increase talkability about your retail store is through regularly updated content.

Here are some top places to check for the latest trends.

Which could you create content for in store?

Secret 3. Streamline sales with scheduling

Stacking shelves is one thing. Strategically stacking shelves with a danceworthy tune is another.

Why is danceworthy you so darn cheerful? Because you know that the last-minute sign rush has *poof!* vanished. The team knows exactly what specials are on for the week. And you’ve got enough time to build an in-store playlist. Win!

Not only do 29% of shoppers make choices based on information displayed on in-store signs. But also, Globe Shopper’s trend report notes that 37% of shoppers said that personalised experiences are one of the most valued elements to retail shopping.

Make it happen with scheduling.

With Fusion Signage’s scheduling feature, all your content’s ready to go ahead of time. And it changes automatically. Use dayparting to have content update on autopilot. So, close-of-store discounts apply automatically. And morning customers are greeted on entry with a visual cuppa. On autopilot.

Here, see what we mean.

Goodbye, late nights updating signs. Nice knowing you!

Time to scan: digital signage for retail

Digital signage updates can be the most exciting part of your day. Yes, even more exciting than the latest collection (just in!).

With its fast scheduling and easy content updates, we’d love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage Family.

Our friendly support team (right here in Australia!) are here any time.

For as little as 24c a day, have your retail store’s digital signage software sorted.

Ready for us to walk you and your team through the lot?

Book a free demo for a live tutorial to see exactly how Fusion Signage can work for your retail store.