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Ice cream-dipped fries. Thongs with socks. Personalised number plates. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. So, while our developers can design almost anything… only the things you’ll use make the cut.

Explore digital signage software features made easy.

everything you need and nothing you don't

Laptop computer and paintbrush icon

designer (new!)

Create beautiful head-turning content within Fusion Signage.

Offline WIFI Icon

works offline

Scheduled playlists continue to run without an active internet connection.

Calendar Icon


Plan your content ahead of time and update any or all screens together.

Cloud with arrow icon


Access your account from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time.

HDMI Cable with tick icon


Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Tizen, WebOS, Windows.

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easy playlists

Easily organise your content into playlists and send to your screens.

Lock and key icon

single sign-on

Opt in for single sign-on to control user access via your Active Directory.

User and settings cog icon

user management

Add any number of users and assign their individual permissions.

screen control

Detailed management of all your screens and what’s currently playing.

media library

Easily organise media (images, videos, websites, live streams, templates).


Compatible with touchscreen applications and interactive templates.


Intuitive built-in functions such as auto updates, caching and more. 

designer and marketplace

We understand custom content can be expensive. That’s why we offer agency quality templates from within your Fusion Signage account. Easily customise to your needs and have live on your screens within minutes.

 Professionally designed templates

Drag & drop editor

Elevate customer experiences

cloud-based that
works offline

Our cloud-based software allows you to access and manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime. And that’s not all. If your internet drops out – don’t fret! Your latest scheduled content will continue to run even without an active internet connection.

 Cloud-based access

 Content continues to play offline

Local caching of content

scheduling, grouping
& dayparting

Our Scheduling, Grouping and Dayparting features allow you to plan your content ahead of time. For precisely when you want.

Unlimited donuts between 8 am – 10:28 am every second Thursday? Firstly, yum. Secondly, have your screens update without you around.

Automate for seatings – use the dayparting function to automatically update content at certain times of day. Think: breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Simply set and forget. How easy is that?

Have multiple venues across different locations? Kudos to you! With Grouping you can manage an entire group with one click.

 Schedule your content ahead of time

 Daypart content automatically

 Group screens together for quicker management

compatible hardware

Fusion Signage is compatible (tested and approved!) on most major operating systems and hardware brands. Choose a screen or media player with the below operating systems onboard and you’ll be ready to go. If yours isn’t listed, chat with us and we can confirm.








and more

easy playlist management

Thanks to your feedback – our playlist functionality has evolved. Along with the standard playlist management features (rename, duplicate, delete, hide, disable) you can now delve even further.

Playlists can be nested within other playlists. Think one “Branding” playlist (perhaps managed by Head Office only!) nesting gently inside each of your more specific location-based playlists. How convenient! Not only that. Individual media items within a playlist can be scheduled. You can export Proof of Play reports to show what played on your screens when. And you can choose the default scaling settings for all playlists. Wham! Bam! Pow! 

 Nest playlists within playlists

 Schedule individual media items

 Export Proof of Play reports

 Set default scaling on media items

user management

Add as many users to your account – you read right, unlimited users! You can then choose management permissions to restrict or allow access per user. You can even export user log reports to view everyone’s actions within your account. 

Want to further protect your account? Set up 2-Factor authentication and ensure only authorised users have access. Or, if you’re a Pro account holder, set up Single Sign-On connected directly with your Active Directory.

 Unlimited users

 Manage user permissions

 2-Factor authentication

 Single sign-on (SAML)

 View user log history

screen control

Each screen requires its own licence in order to be added into your portal. Once added, it only takes a few clicks to control the Playlist or Schedule assigned to each screen. Or (better yet!) update all screens at once with our handy Grouping feature. You’ll also have access to all your screen data, including the application version, licence type, the online / offline status (featuring a 14-day graph!), and more. All the screen management settings you need.

 Complete screen data

Grouping: update any number of screens at one time

Offline notifications via email

 Export Proof of Play reports

empower on:

Keep your needs top-of-mind. No one knows the ins, outs and roundabouts of your business quite like you. So here’s nine questions we recommend you ask to help determine what you and your business need out of a CMS.

media library

For a comfortable spot to manage all your content, step into your Media library. Here you can add, view and organise your images, videos, websites, templates, RSS feeds and live streams.

 Manage and organise your content

 Support for images (png, jpeg), videos (mp4), websites, templates, RSS feeds and live Facebook or YouTube streams

Concept Eight installed and managed by In2Digital

interactive compatibility

Your new digital signage software is touchscreen compatible. When Concept Eight came to us with a need to show multiple menus via one touchscreen, we said sure. And our developers were soon elbow-deep in this new functionality (donuts in hand!).
The result? An exciting key development stage for us, interactive compatibility for you and an interactive countertop menu for Concept Eight stores.

 Support for interactive templates

 Custom interactive development available

supportive application

Ah, the added quality-of-life features. These simple (yet well thought-out) no brainers have been built with you in mind, to make your life easier (without you even realising!).

 Easy-peasy installation: set up in less time than it takes to boil two eggs

 Automatic application updates: so you’ll always be using the latest version of Fusion Signage

 Built-in landscape and portrait orientation compatibility

 Offline caching of content

more reasons to love fusion signage


Low cost means easy digital signage can be accessible for everyone.


We’re the digital signage software that’s easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


Everything you need including powerful enterprise features.


We’re agile and able to develop updates or action feedback at super speed.

aussie owned

Proudly 100% certified Aussie owned and made, based in Brisbane.


Free, unlimited (and super friendly!) software support from our Brisbane team.

reseller network

Supporting (and supported by!) reputable resellers nationwide.


Continual development and innovation ensures we grow with you. 

we'd love to welcome you to the fusion signage family

Your new quick, easy to use digital signage software makes managing your digital signage content so easy it gives tying your shoes a run for it’s money. 

Intuitively designed and created to grow with you, we’d love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage family.