How digital signage can support your COVID-safe business plan.

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We all know Covid-19 is affecting people and businesses everywhere. Which means now more than ever we should help each other how we can. That’s why we’re sharing some ideas on how to use your digital signage to stay Covid-safe. If you’ve invested in digital signage, get the most out of it even midst pandemic!

no broken records here

Are you sick of chasing your customers around the store to ask them to check-in? Have you had to remind your staff to wear their masks 5001 times?

Using your screens to showcase safety protocols is a gentle (and noticeable!) way to remind everyone to do the right thing. That’s right, exciting, moving content is always more eye-catching than a printed poster (who knew!). So quit being the broken record who we all dread becoming. Instead, spend time updating your digital signage content.

Here’s some content ideas
to kickstart your exciting digital signage updates

  • Use bright colours and consider colours outside of your core brand. This will help your Covid messages stay interesting and noticeable. Especially when mixed in with other content!
  • Help people visualise your messages with simple images. This provides instant clarification on the expectations, and softens the message.
  • Use video and animation where possible. One of the biggest benefits of digital signage? The ability to use videos, animation and motion graphics – why of course!
  • Update your content. Keep it fresh. Be bold. Have fun.

it can be as simple as that

It can be a little harder than that if you aren’t confident in creating your own content. That’s why we’re releasing an all-new Designer and Marketplace. You’ll be able to create content from right within the Fusion Signage platform. Or choose from our digital signage-ready templates. This will be launching very soon so keep your eyes peeled. Can’t wait? Let us know and we’ll see how we can help you in the meantime!