How to choose the right cloud based software for your digital signage

2 min read

Over our years in the industry, too many times we’ve seen clients sold an expensive, overpowered digital signage software system that required a degree to operate. This leaves businesses thinking digital signage is difficult and time consuming, when in fact it shouldn’t be that at all.

To assist with your research in choosing the right Content Management System for you and your business, we’ve collated a list of key questions you should consider asking.

the right cms should:

Make managing your digital signage content easy and efficient; allowing you to spend more time on your business.

Give you the confidence that you’re paying for a cost-effective yet powerful solution; the features you need, yet without the clutter of advanced options that you will never use.

Not need hours of training to understand the interface; it will be a stress-free experience that you and your staff can easily handle.

Be backed by a motivated team who are continually developing the CMS to meet your growing needs. Plus, be backed by reputable resellers who will be there to support your experience.

consider asking these questions:

We recommend discussing these points with your digital signage integrator:

What are our objectives for digital signage?

What type of content / information do we want to display?

Do we need assistance with content creation?

How often will we be updating our content?

How many screens / locations are in our network?

What screens / media players are we looking at and are these compatible with the CMS?

What functionality do we need?

Who will be managing the screens? Who needs access?

What is our budget?

in need of an integrator?

Don’t have an integrator to offer you hardware advice and installation? Get in touch with us and we can direct you to a reputable digital signage integrator near you.