How Vantage Group are getting ahead with digital signage top-of-mind

how vantage group are getting ahead
with digital signage top of mind

Over the past two years Vantage Group have been rolling out refurbishments across their 9/11 Bottleshops, fit with internal and external digital signage provided by Phil Hughes Office Solutions.

The Customer

The 9/11 Bottleshop chain operates 21 retail liquor stores across Tasmania. They are a part of the Tasmanian-owned Vantage Hotel Group that also operate 12 community-based hotels.

The Problem

They are refurbishing their 9/11 stores, fit with internal and external digital signage and needed a reliable and user friendly software system to manage their screens.

The Solution

The user friendly interface of Fusion Signage means Vantage Group can use the software with ease and without extensive training, while saving time in managing their digital signage network.

Olivia McGow, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, kindly chatted with us about their digital signage journey so far.

What were the key reasons for Vantage Group implementing digital signage?

“9/11’s use of digital signage is purely used for advertising at this point in time. We have screens powered by the Fusion Signage app positioned internally and externally at venues. This gives us the opportunity to promote products to passers by, and customers who are already in-store browsing.

We have a total of 26 stores across 7 venues at present and we are in the process of transitioning our remaining 14 stores across to Fusion Signage powered screens. “


How does digital signage fit into your marketing strategy?

“Digital signage has provided a solution to new stores that traditionally would have used printed billboard signs to promote products. We’ve been able to implement digital screens seamlessly so that new stores maintain a similar exterior look to old stores with billboards.

The ability to schedule signage allows us to integrate our promotional program through our several marketing vehicles (website, social platforms, EDMs).”

"The Fusion Signage app has been a breeze from day dot. Very achievable to learn quickly and extremely user friendly."

How did you come across Fusion Signage?

“We began our transition to Fusion Signage nearly two years ago when we opened a new store in New Norfolk and refurbished an older store in Launceston City. We were introduced to it by Ryan Hughes from Phil Hughes Office Solutions. Ryan has been a great help with the implementation of the Fusion Signage powered screens and our entire digital signage network, in new stores and as we continue to roll them out in older stores. He is very prompt with answering any questions we’ve had, and undoubtedly goes above and beyond in providing assistance.”

Sandy Bay_Fusion 1

Tell us about your experience using Fusion Signage?

“Previously to Fusion, we were using another program to power our screens. As this program became old, it became unreliable and we had a number of problems with it’s function. Fusion Signage was suggested to us as a reliable app that was very user friendly and easy to set up.

The Fusion Signage app has been a breeze from day dot. Very achievable to learn quickly and extremely user friendly. We are looking forward to the custom template feature where we can freshen up our current templates.”

How often do you update your content?

“As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for 9/11, I manage all of the digital screens in stores. The Fusion Signage app is used on a weekly / fortnightly basis, functioning in alignment with our promotional program. I schedule our change overs with Fusion Signage ahead of time.”

How important is good content to you?

“Engaging and purposeful content is very important for marketing retail products. Fusion Signage allows us to clearly communicate to customers the product, price and the saving of the promotion which will ultimately conclude in a transaction. Our content is updated weekly, fortnightly and monthly in alignment with our promotional program.”

"Engaging and purposeful content is very important for marketing retail products."


Thanks for the insight Olivia, looking forward to your continued roll-out and your feedback on the upcoming Templates update!

Emily Ingram

Co-Owner / Marketing Manager, Fusion Signage