Welcome to the Fusion Signage family: NeNe Chicken

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“Stomach rumbling, mouth watering and lip licking actions: This is the NeNe effect.”

NeNe Chicken have been serving authentic Korean fried chicken since 1999. With over 1,000 stores across South Korea and fast growth in Australia, we’re proud to welcome their team to the Fusion Signage family.

With 33 stores Australia-wide and growing, NeNe Chicken have used their digital menu boards to create a quick and easy decision-making process.

This creates a seamless customer experience, with portrait and landscape digital menus providing all required information (ft. mouth-watering photography! 🤤). Plus bonus space for highlighting upsell opportunities.

Empower On:

  • Nene Chicken have been using Fusion Signage since 2021
  • With 50 Advanced Licences across their 33 stores Australia-wide
  • Using Fusion Signage to manage their digital menu boards.
  • Solution provided by Op-tech

Fun fact: “NeNe” simply means “Yes! Yes” in Korean!

NeNe Chicken Digital Menu Board 1
NeNe Chicken Digital Menu Board 2