Designer and Marketplace Now Live: Digital Signage Design Software

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After speaking with you – our digital signage users, resellers and distributors – it’s clear. You need digital signage designer software that’s clean, incredibly helpful, and never misses a beat. Introducing your answer to easy, beautiful digital signage content (even if you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t have a design eye, or haven’t got a creative bone in your body).

You spoke. We told our developers to slide their donuts to the side and get to work. 

The result? Digital signage designer software that does care (cute).

Welcome to your digital signage sidekicks: The Designer and Marketplace. They exist to make head-turning content accessible to everyone.

Designing your content is now a breeze with the Designer’s drag and drop interface. Not to mention Marketplace’s done-for-you, professional templates. Check out what’s possible and how to use each to your (beautiful) advantage, in this article.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Why the Designer and Marketplace Were Created
  • The Importance of Digital Signage Content Updates
  • The Designer vs. Marketplace
  • Words to Know
  • A Bird’s Eye View of the Designer and Marketplace
  • Introducing: The Designer
  • Introducing: Marketplace
  • Amplifying Digital Signage Designs with Fusion Signage

Why the Designer and Marketplace were created

You, the Fusion Signage family, created the Designer and Marketplace (thanks!). As a direct result of your feedback, both have been carefully developed to suit your exact needs.

In fact, customers and resellers like you have been testing the Designer and Marketplace behind the scenes. All those with “Templates” enabled on your account – that’s you! It’s meant that features and final touches have grown in real time. Taking real customer use-cases to build exactly what you need.

The Designer and Marketplace are stronger because of your fresh ideas. And will continue to evolve alongside your feedback.

It all began with a conversation. Then another. Before long, it was clear. Many people weren’t updating their digital signage content regularly. Suddenly, curiosity struck. Why?

To our surprise, the findings were unanimous. While you want to showcase your offers, keep content fresh and turn heads… the truth is: until now, you’ve found creating your digital signage content difficult.

Sure, your content management software (Fusion Signage) is simple.
But ‘whipping something up’ for your digital signage content hasn’t existed as it does now.

Because, even if you decide to outsource, it can be tricky to find a designer who understands digital signage. Not to mention, time-consuming and expensive.

So, contracting out or creating your digital signage content has been hard, costly and cumbersome. Until now.

Whether you want more ease, speed or affordability for your digital signage content. The Designer and Marketplace exist to help you achieve just that.

The Importance of Digital Signage Content Updates

Frequently updating your digital signage content is more important and effective than ever.

After all, the Global Digital Signage Market is predicted to reach $29.8 billion by 2024. And since digital signage has a giant 83% recall rate, it’s easy to see why frequent content updates matter.

Depending on your industry, it’s recommended that digital signage content be updated daily or weekly. This is for a few reasons. To amplify customer experience, maximise impact and personalise interactions, to name a handful.

Here are some content ideas to get you started:

Promotions for events, specials and deals
Education about your values, culture and point of difference
Entertainment for patrons, guests or customers
Shareable posts to reach wider audiences (e.g. competitions)

Empowered tip: Hundreds of digital signage content ideas call Marketplace home

The Designer v Marketplace

Now, it’s even easier to bring your digital signage to life, in minutes.


Use the Designer’s drag-and-drop features to create beautiful digital signage designs.

Opt to create your content from scratch. With the Designer’s intuitive interface, simply upload your own photos, videos and fonts. Or choose from the font and video libraries. Or over 1 million free photos. Then, pull them into place.


Personalise professional digital signage designs with ready-made templates.

Marketplace puts Fusion Signage’s professional designers to good use. Access the powerful skillset of professional designers and digital signage experts with 10+ years’ experience. All at an affordable price. Buy a template and it’s yours to edit and reuse forever.

Welcome home to your digital signage sidekicks

Designer: Create Designs

Customise your templates in The Designer by Fusion Signage

Marketplace: Browse Templates

Browse Templates in the Marketplace by Fusion Signage

Words to know

Designer: Your in-built content creation platform (free for Advanced and Pro licences, or give it a go with your free trial). Use ready-made layouts, or start from scratch. Then play with adding in your own text, images (or browse from our library of over 1 million free images), videos, shapes, lines and widgets to compliment your brand.

Default Template: The Designer’s drag-and-drop guides. When you start a creating Design from scratch, you’ll see some ready-made basic layouts that you can choose to start with for a little guidance.

Design: A final piece of content you created with The Designer, whether started from scratch or edited from a Template. This can be exported as an image, or saved as a Template. Designs are fully editable and assigned to a screen through a Playlist or Schedule.

Marketplace: A collection of done-for-you, professional templates that can be purchased for a one-time price (from $49), then used on your account forever. Access hundreds of digital signage design templates to help you quickly display amazing content on your screens with the ease of not having to build the content yourself.

Template: Any designs you create from scratch or from a purchased Marketplace template, can be saved as your own Template. Yours to keep and re-use forever, found in the My Templates tab.

A Birds Eye View of The Designer and Marketplace


Available to






the designer

Advanced and Pro Account Holders

Included with licence

 Freedom to design your own content from scratch or with a little guidance

Edit text, images, lines, videos, lines, shapes and shapes

Add dynamic widgets including date, time and weather

 Over 1 million free to use stock images

Add image and video backgrounds


Advanced and Pro Account Holders

From $49 a template

 Professionally designed templates ready to be personalised

Hundreds of templates to choose from suited for all industries

Those who want done-for-you designs at a fraction of the cost

 Created by professional digital signage design experts

 Customise using the Designer

Introducing: The Designer

Create amazing digital signage designs with a little guidance (even if you aren’t tech-savvy, don’t have a design eye, or haven’t got a creative bone in your body). The Designer’s easy drag-and-drop functionality offers as much or as little design support as you need.

The Designer Features

Enjoy the freedom to design your digital signage content from scratch, or with a little help.

The Designer is built by you, the Fusion Signage family. Over and over, you’ve told us how you love our focus on ease. Simplicity. A less-is-more attitude to your digital signage designer.

So you’ll love the minimalist features inside. Think: everything you’d expect from a content creation platform. Then: features hand-picked specifically for digital signage.

text boxes and
custom fonts

Know where to write and remain on brand with custom fonts.

and lines

Add stylistic features for added personality.

images and video backgrounds

Add an image or video background to really draw in attention.

stock videos and
1 million photos

Want fresh content or to bypass the photoshoot? You’re welcome.

image slideshow

Animate between your images with a selection of inbuilt slideshow transitions.


Integrate a series of outside sources into your screen with ease.

How to use the Designer

In 4 simple steps, your design is out of your head and into the world. Finally, here’s the tool you need to create the content you envisage, easily.

Here’s how:

1. Choose your default template or start from scratch
2. Drag and drop photos + videos (or choose from over 1 million of ours)
3. Update colours and fonts
4. Save and send to your screens

Introducing: Marketplace

Bring eye-catching digital signage content to life, in minutes (without an expensive design agency). Choose from hundreds of done-for-you, professional digital signage design templates to personalise to your brand and deploy in just a few clicks.

Marketplace Features

Marketplace takes the Designer one step further. Done-for-you digital signage design templates make professional aesthetics accessible to everyone. Created to streamline your entire design process, Marketplace saves you time and money with premade digital signage templates.

Skip expensive design agencies, DIY graphics that make you ‘grrrr’ and low quality looks that don’t reflect your business’s calibre… Marketplace makes your digital signage content updates easy, affordable and fast.

Empowered Tip about the Marketplace

Designs optimised for digital signs

With 10+ years digital signage experience, our professional designers are experts in this space. Enviable job, we know! Each and every template combines design and digital signage expertise. While your digital signage templates inside Marketplace start at $30, in the past these specialist designs have cost $800+. Now, beautiful designs are available to every budget. Because, much like how billboards can’t become book covers, magazines don’t make great marquee signs. And some patterns look better on curtains than clothes.
There are particular design choices that make digital signs work.
Signage for things like restaurant menus, spa price lists and company
directories require specialist designs that are unique to digital signage.

Your dream team take important elements into consideration, like:

– Text size
– The amount of text on each screen
– Colour combinations to grab attention and suit the signage type*
– Balance between images and space

*Digital menu board colours to captivate customers lining up will differ, for example, from those that capture attention in 1 – 3 seconds for a sales focused billboard.


Hundreds of ready-made templates

Whether you need to promote a retail sale, release a new burger or announce that you are now open for aged care resident applications. Your ready-made templates have you covered.

Templates have been designed based on the content end users like you are sharing. Industry and design types will expand over time as a direct reflection of your feedback.

To give you an idea of what’s inside, primary categories span:

  • Corporate
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Promotional
  • Retail
  • Seasonal

Check out these examples of signage types in action:

digital menus

Capture attention and display menus clearly with digital menu templates optimised for in-store viewing

price lists

Visible price breakdowns for, e.g., salons, spas and skin clinics.

promotional templates

Highlighting one key message or one key product, professionally designed for your display.

real estate templates

Pull through all information directly from your Real Estate software to promote properties, new listings and more.

full screen takeovers

Promotions that take over the full screen before returning to the menu.

event promotions

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter. Each template is ready for you to make your own in minutes.

Where professional graphic design and digital signage unite

It’s one thing to have a digital sign. It’s another to have professionally crafted, original and eye-catching digital signage for a fraction of the cost.

Let’s say your new junior’s studying graphic design. Or a seasoned colleague loves photography. While they may have an eye for design, digital signage is a learning curve to even the most experienced designer.

Steal our premade templates and claim all the kudos. We won’t tell.

How to use Marketplace

Personalise digital signage designs with Marketplace. It’s so simple, even our grannies can do it.

Claim professional, head-turning templates as your own (and get all the kudos – we won’t tell).

Get the ball rolling like this:

1. Choose your template
2. Purchase your template
3. Customise your design
4. Click save and publish directly to your playlist

Amplifying Digital Signage Designs with Fusion signage

Updating your digital signage content just got easier (way easier).

Not only is your design software here to help even the most tech-averse create a beautiful display, but it can be used between locations, times and more.

Use your personalised designs with Fusion Signage’s simple features.


Respond instantly to events by updating your content playlists. Heat wave? Quickly present an iced coffee special.


Schedule content ahead of time to play on different days, across different stores.


Have your content update on autopilot based on time of day.


Update content across aisles, levels or even store locations, using the same layouts or templates.