On the digital signage boom in Tasmania

on the digital signage boom in tasmania

Just a short snippet from a conversation had with Ryan Hughes
from Phil Hughes Office Solutions, a reputable Fusion Signage Reseller in Tasmania.

It’s been interesting to watch the digital signage boom in Tasmania over the past 12 – 24 months. Pandemic aside, businesses seem to be really onboard with transitioning into digital. What are your thoughts on this?

Tasmania has traditionally been regarded as being a few years behind the mainland in adopting new technology and the butt of many jokes but, the truth is, that Tasmanian business’ really do like to innovate and do things differently if there is a strong business case that the technology or process can add value.  The display panel technology has been around for ages but the missing piece has always been content delivery and now with Fusion Signage we have a solution that adds clear value for money.

Local business’s don’t have the million dollar advertising budgets to saturate the market and need to make every sale a winner, maximising transaction value and directing customer sales to high margin lines.  We are finding that strategically placed digital signage is facilitating this and offers a better ROI than static print media or posters, and allows you to genuinely influence buying behaviour at the point of sale. Once you show a business what they can achieve in the digital space, remove the barriers of graphic design, content creation and delivery, and make it all so simple to use, they usually only ask; where do I sign?

Emily Ingram

Co-Owner / Marketing Manager, Fusion Signage