the fusion signage story

We’re Australia’s friendliest CMS (content management software) empowering you to manage your digital signage content quicker and easier.

our brand goal is to

elevate customer experiences, empower business owners and make digital signage solutions easy-peasy.

We strive to be the number one digital signage software in Australia and New Zealand. Known for being the simplest, easiest and most affordable platform, built by a genuine, transparent, honest and reputable team who are innovating the industry.

that familiar feeling

After years building custom solutions, Fusion Signage software exists to be just that. Soft. Like a pillowey little welcome home hug for your content. Like Mum’s bath towels. Or your favourite jacket… you’ll find Fusion Signage feels familiar. Like everything’s in it’s right place. Right where you left it. Like a comfy spot to manage your digital signage content. With an intuitive design and regular updates, your new digital signage software strives to make your bath towels soft life easier.

Fusion Signage offers a familiar feeling


Running over 6,000 digital signage screens across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


Proven 99.99% server uptime for the entire lifespan of Fusion Signage to date.


Finalists in the 2021 Global Digital Signage Awards for Innovation in Management and Other Software.

easy-peasy lemon squeezy

After 6 years spent building custom digital signage solutions (popular job, we know!), and using other CMS systems, we noticed something. No matter how many features a digital signage software had, a select few were nearly always used. So we bundled them up to create Fusion Signage. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t to create terrific, professional and helpful signage.

Why? Because, if you’ve ever tried tech that claimed to be easy peasy lemon squeezy. You’ll know that sometimes it’s actually difficult difficult lemon difficult. Not this time.

continual development

You’ll be thrilled to know that we regularly deliver buckets of donuts to our developers, and they’re elbow-deep in building new features as we speak. 

Fusion Signage is your CMS that will grow with you. All with a less is more attitude towards digital signage.

meet the team

We’re an agile team of developers, designers, and dog lovers with all the expertise needed (plus some!) to guide you through your digital signage journey with ease.

australia's friendliest cms

Proudly 100% certified Aussie owned. All development, design and support comes from our in-house team in Brisbane (hello!), who are here to help at any time.

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“we love the product and so do our clients”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“the product itself is evolving rapidly”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“it’s what a signage solution should be!”

we'd love to welcome you to the fusion signage family

Your new, quick, easy to use digital signage software makes managing your digital signage content so easy it gives tying your shoes a run for it’s money. 

Intuitively designed and created to grow with you, we’d love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage family.