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Proudly one of the most cost-effective digital signage software solutions on the market. In fact, our most popular licence (3-year Advanced) comes in at just 33c a day!

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Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“customers love how simple it is, especially for the price!”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“deploying fusion signage has been a breeze”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“backed by a supportive team that continue to innovate”

fusion signage software pricing

pricing table
Licences required: I have screens
I would like to pay:
New to digital signage? Basic’s ideal. Everything you need to get content on your screens, for one location. If scheduling content ahead of time isn’t your jam, the Basic licence could be your perfect match.
for screens
total for 3 years
1GB Monthly Bandwidth
1GB Account Storage
Cloud Based Access
Screen Management
Media Library
Advanced User Management
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Manage multiple stores or locations? Advanced is for you. Create, schedule and update content for multiple locations in minutes. This is a popular choice for those who crave the time-saving benefits of scheduling.
for screens
total for 3 years
1GB Monthly Bandwidth
2GB Account Storage
Cloud Based Access
Screen Management
Media Library
Advanced User Management
Designer (Coming soon)
Marketplace (Coming soon)
Permission Groups
Schedules & Dayparting
Screen Grouping
Zone Editor
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Large network? Go Pro. Manage hundreds to thousands of screens effortlessly, from the one place. You’ll love pro-level features like the tagging system, in-depth user management, proof of play reports, single sign-on and interactivity, to name a few.
for screens
total for 3 years
2GB Monthly Bandwidth
5GB Account Storage
Cloud Based Access
Screen Management
Media Library
Advanced User Management
Designer (Coming soon)
Marketplace (Coming soon)
Permission Groups
Schedules & Dayparting
Screen Grouping
Zone Editor
Single Sign-On (SAML)
Interactive Template Support
Tagging System
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All pricing listed as AUD ex GST
Please note licences are required for each installation of the Fusion Signage application,
which is generally per screen or media player.
Monthly Bandwidth
How much data you can upload to your account on a monthly basis. This number is cumulative based on the total number of licences you have on your account.
Account Storage
How much storage you have based on your licence type and how many licences you have. This amount is cumulative.
Cloud Based Access
Access and manage your digital signage from anywhere, any time. All you need is an internet connection.
Media Library
A full view of your media items (images, videos, website links, templates) where you can create folders, view, upload and manage all media.
Zone Editor
Ideal for menu boards, this specialised functionality allows content to synchronise across multiple screens. Requires a separate media player connected to all screens.
Support for Streaming Services
Facebook Live and YouTube are supported via our Template Creator.
Replace Media Items
Easily replace an existing media item in all playlists it has been added to.
Approval System
Opt to set up approvals for any new media added by selected users. Choose permission levels for each user and integrate it with your locations system.
Playlist Management
Rename, delete, duplicate and hide any playlist.
Playlists can be nested within a playlist to simplify your content management across multiple screens.
Media Item Visibility Toggle
Quickly disable/hide a media item within a playlist without having to delete it.
Media Item Scheduling
Individual content can be scheduled within a playlist. Easily choose the days, times and months you want it to play, and even set multiple schedules.
Proof of Play Reports
Export a report showing what played on your screens and when. Great for companies looking to advertise on their screens.
Schedules & Dayparting
Schedule the time, day, week or month you want your content to play. Calendar view makes it easy to see exactly what’s playing and when.
Default Playlist Functionality
Found within schedules, you can set content to play when no events are scheduled. This allows you to have short term or one off events, while always reverting back to your default content.
Screen Management
Add, remove, view your screens/devices within your account. View information about the identity, licence, and content currently playing.
Screen Online/Offline Tracking
Live updates on your screen online/offline status. Has a 14-day graph showing the screens uptime.
Offline Notifications (via Email)
Opt in for email notifications if your screen goes offline for your chosen duration. Set active periods so you only receive notifications when it is relevant.
Screen Grouping
Bundle screens together to share the same content across locations in one action. Then, update the entire group at the same time.
Designer and Marketplace
Your in-built content creation platform. Drag and drop layouts or start from scratch. Bring your digital signage to life with features to add on-brand text, images, videos, shapes, lines and widgets.
A collection of pre-built templates that can be purchased for a one-time price, then used on your account forever. Access hundreds of digital signage ready templates to help you quickly display amazing content on your screens with the ease of not having to build the content yourself.
1 Million Free Stock Images via Unsplash
Instantly add free, commercially-licensed stock images to your templates for head-turning content.
Advanced Integrations
We can customise the platform to suit your needs. If you have a special requirement, or need a system integrated, just get in touch with us.
User Accounts
User Accounts
Add as many users to your account as you need.
User Management
Choose which users can add new users, as well as remove users from your account.
Permission Groups
Restrict account access for selected users. For Advanced, this can be applied globally to Screens, Media, Playlists and Schedules. For Pro, this extends to individual screens and folders, offering granular control over everything.
Edit high-level permissions across all sections.
Global + Granular
More detailed editing of permissions, allowing specific control.
2-Factor Authentication
Protect your account with 2-factor authentication, preventing unwanted access.
Single Sign-on (SAML)
Opt in for SAML to control user access via your Active Directory.
Auto Application Updates
Built in auto-update functionality so you'll always be using the latest version of Fusion Signage.
Easy adding to portal
Our installation and assigning process is straight forward, allowing you to get up and running quickly.
Support for a range of devices
We support Android, WebOS, Tizen, Windows, Linux, Mac and more via our web application.
Landscape & Portrait Orientation
Adjust your content orientation to perfectly match any media player’s dimensions.
Offline Caching of Content
If your internet connection drops out, all of your content is stored on the local device so it will continue to play.
Touchscreen Support
Deploy touch screen applications for compatible screens.
Interactive Design Services (Added Cost)
We work with you to create a custom solution based on your needs.
Location Structure
Build a custom hierarchy to suit your business. For example, Country > State > Store Name. Then, share Media, Playlists and Schedules across all locations in minutes.
Location Management
Admin users can organise screens and users into locations, granting specific access to different users. Each location can be handled as it's own standalone environment, with specific users, screens, media, playlists and schedules.
User Permissions per Location
Define user editing permissions and integrate our approval system for media uploads. Users can have different permissions at different levels and will only see what they are assigned to.
SSO / SCIM Integration
Add users via Azure directly into a location using our SSO / SCIM integration.
Tagging System for Advanced Management
Easily manage hundreds of screens with only a few playlists. Tag your content and screens, then set up rules within a Playlist to determine what is sent where.

which licence is best for you?

Our most popular licence is the 3-year Advanced licence.

This licence empowers you to manage multiple screens and locations effortlessly. Packed with favourite features 
(think Schedules, Grouping and Permissions), it also delightfully mirrors the length of commercial-grade warranties on most screens.

Free 21 Day Trial of Fusion Signage

free trial

Set up a screen and test out all Fusion Signage has to offer for three weeks. Free demo included.

Basic Fusion Signage Licence


New to digital signage? Get everything you need to get content on your screens quickly and easily.

Advanced Fusion Signage Licence


Empowering you to plan, manage and schedule your entire digital signage network with ease.

Pro Fusion Signage Licence


Makes managing hundreds to thousands of screens effectively effortless.

white labelling

Would you like your brand front and centre? If you have a large opportunity and are interested in white labelling Fusion Signage, chat to us. It’s all you, with Fusion Signage under the hood!

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