manage your digital
signage content

in minutes.
at a fraction of the cost.

Quicker. Easier. Exciting-er. Bring your digital signage to life in minutes, at a fraction of the cost. All with Fusion Signage – Australia’s friendliest CMS (content management software).

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software that does care

Whether you know your way around digital signage. Or are dipping your toes in the water. Let’s put our floaties on and start with the basics: Digital signage deployments require a CMS to manage the content sent to the screen. That’s all there is to it (and that’s where we come in!).

Fusion Signage offers the exact, streamlined tools your business needs to elevate relevance, customer experience and excitement. Consider this CMS your affordable yet flexible solution designed for functionality (minus the funky features you’ll never use). To empower you (without the 597-page manual).

built by you

Did we mention Fusion Signage is built by the people who use it? Yes, we mean you. When our developers aren’t devouring donuts, they’re whipping up your feature requests. Or slotting your golden feedback into our development cycle. Your ongoing input results in only relevant functionality, tailored to real use-cases. High five!

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rocket-science free

Your new CMS is rocket science-free. And pretty much impossible not to have set up in 15 minutes or less. But just in case, you’ll find every step inside this 61-second video. Or our Brisbane-based team (hello!) are here to help at any time.

the features you need

Bells and whistles are nice on bikes. So let’s keep them there. Fusion Signage is designed for simplicity. So your software only includes features you use, know and love.

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Create beautiful head-turning content within Fusion Signage.

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Scheduled playlists continue to run without an active internet connection.

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scheduling & grouping

Plan your content ahead of time and update any or all screens together.

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Access your account from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time.

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compatible hardware

Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Tizen, WebOS, Windows.

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easy playlist management

Easily organise your content into playlists and send to your screens.

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single sign-on (SAML)

Opt in for single sign-on to control user access via your Active Directory.

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Add any number of users and assign their individual permissions.

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“well supported by a company with great integrity”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“this software never misses
a beat”

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“much easier to manage and much, much
more flexible”

we'd love to welcome you to the fusion signage family

Your new quick, easy to use digital signage software makes managing your digital signage content so easy it gives tying your shoes a run for it’s money. 

Intuitively designed and created to grow with you, we’d love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage family.