manage your digital signage content in minutes, for a fraction of the cost

Fusion Signage is a cost-effective yet powerful digital signage software, helping progressive businesses of all sizes and industries manage their digital signage content quicker and easier.

built to be simple but powerful

Fusion Signage is an Australian-built Content Management System (CMS) for digital signage, allowing complete control over your digital signage content from anywhere, anytime. It’s the CMS for those who want something that is easy to use, affordable and with the flexibility to suit you and your business.

the features you need

The features we implement are based on feedback from our customers and designed to be intuitively used. This results in a CMS packed with only the features you need and love, and without the clutter or additional cost.

An icon to visually showcase the feature "Intuitive Interface". It's a white mouse pointer with three blue stars.

intuitive interface

Built to be simple, yet powerful. Three clicks and you’re up and running, meaning less time spent managing your signage. 


Proudly one of the most affordable CMS’ on the market. Monthly, annual, 3-yearly or 5-yearly licences available. No lock-in contracts.

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An icon to visually showcase the feature "Cloud-based". A white cloud with a yellow arrow pointing up into the cloud.


With cloud-based access and storage, 
you can manage your digital signage content from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

compatible hardware

Runs on Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Tizen, WebOS and Windows, with more in development.

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An icon to showcase Scheduling Ahead of Time. A green and white calendar.

schedule ahead of time

Our Scheduling & Dayparting features allow you to set your content to automatically update as and when you need. 

works offline

If your internet drops out, or you choose to go offline, your scheduled playlist will continue to run without a problem. 

An icon to visually showcase the feature "Works Offline". This feature icon is white and blue, representing a internet connection with an X in the top right corner to show it is offline.

more reasons to love fusion signage

Add images, videos, websites
and more


Sign-On (SAML)


Audit and
User Logs

Tagging System

User Management

Proof of Play Reports

Interactive Templates