Fusion Signage: The digital signage software solution for any industry

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Digital signage is prevalent across so many industries today, used in an endless number of ways to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the intended audience. The digital natives generation is driving this demand; digital engagement is not only wanted, it’s now expected, and it’s in the best interest of progressive businesses to stay ahead of it.

Whether you’re managing a restaurant, to a large chain of retailers, to medical practices, schools, recreational facilities, corporate offices – no matter your industry, digital signage can work for you. That’s why Fusion Signage caters for any business size in any industry.

Check out some of the most common industries highlighted below and how digital signage can work for you.


Retail businesses have been efficiently communicating with their customers by way of digital signage for years. Starting from outside their store, digital signage provides the opportunity to capture attention of passers-by, drawing more foot-traffic in-store (as we all know how moving content on a digital screen is more noticeable than a static poster). From there, in-store digital signage with product and campaign promotions can drive sales, while more informative or interactive digital signage can enhance brand engagement and loyalty. But it’s not all about the customer. Outside of hours, your digital signage can be used internally – think training your staff on new product launches or hosting industry events. When it comes to managing your signage, Fusion Signage allows you to update any numbers of screens at one time, schedule your content to automatically update when your campaigns start, and assign user permissions to control which staff members can edit what.. plus a lot more features aimed at saving your business time and money.


Digital signage in office settings is most commonly used for internal communications, including; office information, corporate events, employee reminders, birthday shout-outs, product and marketing wins, company bulletins, employee training and emergency announcements – to name a few. Aside from communicating with the team, digital signage can provide information for visitors too; customised welcome messages, directional signage / wayfinding, to boardroom presentations. Any kind of content you wish to share with your audience within your corporate space, can be achieved with digital signage on a daily, hourly or even on a live basis. Fusion Signage allows you to update all screens within your office, or select screens, as you want and all within only a few clicks.

hospitals and medical

If Covid-19 hasn’t shown us the benefits of digital signage within hospitals or medical centres, I’m not sure what else will. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a key driver for digital signage in hospitals being to showcase informative content. This includes strict messaging such as personal health rules to follow (amidst a pandemic), emergency procedures, warnings and reminders. Plus practical content such as directions and interactive wayfinding. Scheduling and automation of content ahead of time is vital here as hospital managers are typically time poor – you don’t want to have to be spending a lot of time updating your digital signage. Plus, it’s quite common in the medical industry to offset the cost of your digital signage by offering third-party advertising on your screens for a nominal fee or subscription. This is why our Advanced Fusion Signage licence is most popular in this industry, as not only can you schedule your content ahead of time but you can also view Proof of Play reports for those third-parties.

real estate

Gone are the days of browsing the one page previews of homes featured in the real estate office window. Today, it’s got to be digital. Not only does this mean your audience gets a more engaging experience, but it has so many benefits for the business itself. Fusion Signage offers real estate templates, which instantly pulls through the information from any given URL to display on your digital signage, in a customised template. From there, you can schedule new releases, remove sold properties or have a “SOLD” animation automatically animate on when that property is deemed sold in your system – the possibilities are endless. Managing a large number of real estate agencies? One trick is, you can manage the screens across all locations at one time, or schedule location-based content to play at each location with a default branding playlist to play across them all. With digital signage making your communications more engaging for the customer and less hassle for your office manager, why wait.

schools and universities

You’ve probably noticed that digital signage is really starting to take off in education. And we are not talking huge LED signs on the street, we’re talking things like video walls in resource centres, to menu boards at tuckshops and even single screens in corridors for basic messaging. Schools have a huge opportunity to connect with the digital natives generation every day in a way that they truly relate to, and there’s endless ways they can do so. In fact, we recently put together 48 ways to drive engagement at your school with digital signage! Grab your free download below.

restaurants and fast food

Another of the most common uses for digital signage; digital menu boards and promotional screens. For the hospitality industry, a key benefit of digital signage, and our Advanced Fusion Signage licence, is the ability to schedule your content ahead of time and automate content based on the time of day, weather or special events (or anything else you add in as a ‘tag’). You can schedule your breakfast menu, which automatically updates to lunch at 11:00am, or perhaps it’s a cold day so your promotional screen showcases hot drinks. Another benefit of our Advanced licence is our new Creator and Template Marketplace, allowing you to create digital menu board content right within the Fusion Signage portal. You can even add an overlay so the time or weather is always featured, for example. Whether you have a single screen or an array of screens, how you manage your screens to drive engaging content – in the right place at the right time – is key.

everything else

Just because your industry isn’t specifically listed here,
doesn’t mean digital signage isn’t relevant for you.

Each of the above mentions a couple of points specific to that sector, however these different uses can be taken and applied in various businesses and industries and still have relevance. There’s also a lot of expertise around how/where to position digital signage within your space – I’ll do a blog on that soon. But for now, get in touch with us to learn more about how digital signage and Fusion Signage can help your business. We’d be happy to take you through a demo to show you the platform and talk to how it can help you and your business specifically.