Fusion Signage: The digital signage software solution for any industry

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The rumours are true. Today, many industries choose to use experience-elevating digital signage software solutions. Why? Glad you asked. Most commonly to inform, educate, entertain and inspire. With a surge in demand, digital engagement has teetered from wanted to expected. That’s why thousands of progressive (and clever) businesses understand that it’s in their best interests to stay ahead of the game.

Whether you’re managing a large chain of retailers, a local GP clinic, 12 universities,
a multi-level corporate office, 129 cabaret venues or a humble chicken shop in downtown Sydney.

Digital signage solutions exist to help you.

Any industry. Any size. Anywhere. Across Australia and beyond.

Check out some of the most common industries using digital signage today. And discover how digital signage can improve your tomorrow.


Did someone say ‘the masters of communication’? Retail businesses have used digital signage to efficiently communicate with customers for years. See? Masters!

 Draw in more foot traffic
 Capture attention of passersby
 Share product and campaign promotions

Whether in the store, outside the store or hula hooping around the store. Digital signage’s moving content captivates a large volume of onlookers (statistically far more than static posters). While informative or interactive digital signage also works to enhance brand engagement and loyalty. Thrill your customers on repeat.

As the business owner, you can even use digital signage outside hours. Think training staff on new product launches and hosting industry events.
Then, when it comes to managing your signs… With Fusion Signage, you can update any number of screens in a matter of clicks. Schedule content to go live when a campaign begins. And assign user permissions to control which staff member can edit what. *Adds to cart*

Plus a whole haul of features that exist exclusively to save you time and money.


Here’s some snappy water cooler chat for you: Quicker. Easier. Exciting-er. Think of digital signage solutions for corporates as the Mintie on your seminar break. Delightfully refreshing.

A favourite for internal communications like office events, reminders, birthday shout-outs, product and marketing wins, employee training and emergency announcements (including word of Kyle’s new baby), just to name a few.

 Publish visitor information
 Show people where to go
 Customise welcome messages
 Host boardroom presentations

Share any content with any audience on a daily, hourly or even moment-to-moment basis. As software that does care, Fusion Signage allows you to update a select few screens in your office, or all of them and even across locations.

hospitals and medical

Hand on heart, hospitals showcasing informative content at a moment’s notice has skyrocketed in recent times. Whether it’s important health rules to follow (amidst a pandemic), emergency procedures, warnings or social distancing instructions. Practical directions and interactive wayfinding have their finger on the pulse, too. 

 Free up admin desks 

 Share the latest health directives

 Direct and inform patients and visitors

You’re busy. So it’s nice to schedule and automate announcements ahead of time. Bonus: it’s quite common in the medical industry to offset the cost of your digital signage. How? By offering third-party advertising on your screens for a nominal fee or subscription. Genius! 

Then export Proof of Play reports for those third parties. Easy-peasy. Just some reasons why our Advanced Fusion Signage licence has medical sites celebrating. 

real estate

Gone are the days of browsing one-page previews of homes featured in the real estate office window. Today, it’s got to be digital.

 Engage potential buyers
 Drag and drop professional property displays
 Automate ‘SOLD’ on signage as it happens

Empower on: With a natural interface, Fusion Signage grows with you. Across properties, offices and even flourishing cities. Instantly pull URL information through to your screens, with real estate-optimised templates. This is exactly why many real estate agencies see Fusion Signage as their digital signage software’s dream home. Door’s open!

schools and universities

Use the exact, streamlined tools your school or university needs to connect with students, direct visitors and even inspire classmates. And the award for ‘most likely to succeed’ goes to you.

Sure, huge LED signs on the street are popular for schools. But let’s wander our minds one step further. We’re talking resource centre video walls, single screens directing foot traffic in the hallway and even menu boards at the canteen.

 Connect with students
 Direct visitors to their next class
 Present menus for easy viewing

If you’ve considered digital signage, we’re thrilled to announce that there’s now a neat resource especially for schools and universities. With a huge opportunity to connect with the digital native generation every day, here are 48 ways to drive engagement on location. Pinky promise you’ll love them.

restaurants and fast food

As a passionate restaurateur or fast food franchisee, you’re well aware of the digital signage rise across menu boards, promotional screens and even interactive ordering systems.

Fusion Signage’s digital signage software solution allows you to automatically share content based on time of day (like the breakfast special), weather (like when it’s perfect for an iced latte) or special events (like Chicken Wing Wednesday). Anything else in mind? Easy. Add it in to your playlist and you’re done.

 Stand out on the street
 Shorten perceived wait times
 Captivate customers with digital menus

You’ll also adore your Advanced licence’s new Designer and Marketplace. Your one-stop shop for creating any digital content. Even add relevant overlays like time or weather. Talk about a smorgasbord for the eyes. Designer and Marketplace launching very soon. Watch this space!

still looking for your industry?

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