Which Fusion Signage licence is best for me?

2 min read

Here’s a quick rundown on each of our licences to help make your decision as clear as possible. 

basic licence

Basic is ideal for those who are new to digital signage; giving you everything you need to get content on your screens, without any of the unwanted clutter or hassle. If you have one location with minimal screens, and can live without scheduling your content ahead of time, our Basic licence is the one for you.

advanced licence

Advanced is packed with powerful features to get the most out of your digital signage. Ideal for those who manage multiple stores or locations, or simply don’t have time to waste. You’ll be fully equipped to manage your entire digital signage network while saving yourself time and effort, with our Advanced features and functionality.

pro licence

Our Pro licence is ideal for those managing large networks, or those who simply want access to our pro-level features. These include: a tagging system, in-depth user management, proof of play reports, single sign on and interactivity, to name a few. This licence will make managing hundreds to thousands of screens effectively effortless.