Which Fusion Signage licence is best for me?

We’ve highlighted the differences between our licences, to help make your decision as clear as possible. 

the main difference

The main difference between our two licences is the extra features found in our Advanced licence. The key benefit is being able to schedule your content ahead of time, which is where the true power of digital signage lies.

That being said, our most popular licence is the Advanced 5-year option, as it coincides with commercial grade warranties and is the best value. Below is a more detailed look at our licence options compared.

basic licence

Our Basic licence is ideal for those who are new to digital signage; giving you everything you need to get content on your screens, without any of the unwanted clutter. If you have one location and can live without scheduling your content ahead of time, our Basic licence is the one for you.

advanced licence

Our Advanced licence is packed full of powerful features to get the most out of your digital signage. Ideal for those who manage a large number of screens or locations, or simply don’t have time to waste. You’ll be fully equipped to manage any sized digital signage network while saving yourself time and effort.

why choose an advanced licence

  • If you or your client would like to schedule content ahead of time based on the time of day, day of the week or in advance to coincide with campaigns.
  • If you or your client manages large numbers of screens.
  • If you or your client requires more account storage.

payment options

For each licence, whether Basic or Advanced, you can choose 5-yearly (most popular!), 3-yearly, annually or monthly payment options.

We recommend chatting to your integrator about which option is best for you.

Keep in mind: If you decide to go with the Basic licence and change your mind, you can easily upgrade to the Advanced licence at anytime.

still unsure?
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