empowering a network of resellers australia-wide

Life’s full of problems, so why make your customers CMS one of them? With Fusion Signage, you’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve genuinely helped your customer. With a hassle-free solution that we guarantee they’ll fall in love with. A happy customer means a happy you, and a happy you makes a happy us!

We have a reputable network of resellers across Australia, New Zealand and across the globe, and there’s always room for more! Let us know if Fusion Signage could work for you and your customers.

the perfect solution

Restaurant owner Ben doesn’t have time for a 100-page manual on how to work his CMS. Sarah the florist doesn’t understand why it costs so much to update her content. And today, you drove passed your local real estate agent to see their screen hasn’t been updated.

You know digital signage should be easy-peasy. Why make things complicated, right?

We’ve walked in your shoes. We understand your pain. In fact, that’s why we built Fusion Signage (read our story here!).

Fusion Signage promises to leave you feeling warm and cosy knowing that your customer will use (and love!) their digital signage solution. Proud to be using a product you believe in. And happy that you’ve solved a real problem for your customer. With software that has no friction in use, cost or functionality. 

your customers will love:

 Bring digital signage to life in minutes
       – Every feature they need and nothing they don’t

 Affordable digital signage content management software
       – From-24c-per-day kinda affordable

 Anyone can update
       – Just drag and drop

Super easy installation
       – Cut down time on site

Runs on almost any hardware
       – Compatible with most major operating systems and hardware

an empowered partnership

The Fusion Signage partner network is a collection of resellers and distributors who are using Fusion Signage to create opportunities and make life simple for their customers. Because let’s face it, nothing’s better than a happy customer!

As a Fusion Signage reseller you’ll be fully equipped with the power and support you need to make your customers feel like VIP’s. Need help showcasing the Fusion Signage platform? James and Darren are available for demos and onboardings anytime. Have feedback or feature requests? Let’s chat with our devs!

We want to see our partnership succeed. So we are dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward. All while elevating customer experiences, empowering business owners and making digital signage solutions easy-peasy!

our dream resellers are


Capable of selling digital signage, whether already doing so or looking to expand your offering.


You care about your customers and their outcomes, while providing amazing customer service.


You’re genuine, someone we’d grab a beer with. 
We want to grow alongside good people.


You can recommend hardware solutions to customers based on their specific requirements.

it actually works

There’s a reason why our resellers and customers love to use and sell our product: it actually works.

And a big part of that is because it’s built by the people who use it. Our nimble team enables us to effectively implement a collaborative edge to our business, where feedback is actioned quickly. We’re agile and able to develop updates at super speed.

the features your customers use, know and love

Built based on real feedback and feature requests from the people who use it (customers and resellers alike!). This results in a clean, cost-effective and natural platform built to grow with you. With all the features your customers need and nothing they don’t.

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“the feedback from our clients has always been positive”

Brock Pinnington, Aria Digital Screens

Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“end users love the ease of use and simplicity”


Five Star Reviews of Fusion Signage

“the best CMS solution we’ve found for our clients”

Kelley Noonan, Xzibit

more reasons resellers love fusion signage

sell more panels

Our no-brainer software makes digital signage easy. Cue increased sales!


Showcase your logo front and centre in your customers accounts. 

local team

You’ll always have direct access to our friendly Brisbane team as needed.

marketing assets

Our marketing and design team can provide any resources to assist you.

suits any customer

An adaptable CMS for any and all sized deployments, across any industry.


We’re agile and able to develop updates or action feedback at super speed.


Low cost means easy digital signage can be accessible for everyone.

HDMI Cable with tick icon


Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Tizen, WebOS, Windows.

we'd love to welcome you to the fusion signage family

Your new, reliable, easy to use digital signage software will leave you feeling relieved knowing you’ve found the right solution for your customers.

Intuitively designed and created to grow with you, we’d love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage family.

We'd love to welcome you to the Fusion Signage family