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According to the internet, we make 35,000 decisions a day. Most are relatively trivial, like ‘Should I go to the gym?’ ‘What will I wear today?’ and, ‘How many donuts should I add to the shopping list?’. 

Let’s make your digital signage software decision an easy one.
Here’s a range of questions from users just like yourself about
Fusion Signage CMS.

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what is fusion signage?

Digital signage requires a digital signage software to manage the content sent to the screen. Fusion Signage is the digital signage software part.

Without digital signage software - it’s kind of like buying a modern TV without anyway to watch Netflix on it. You’d have a screen that could turn on and do not much else.

Fusion Signage offers the exact, streamlined tools your business needs to elevate customer experience and excitement. Fusion Signage is an affordable, yet powerful solution designed for functionality. We don’t include any funky features you’ll never use, which means you don’t need a 597-page manual to understand how to use our platform. Ease-of-use is kind of our thing.

Learn more about our story here.

do I need to provide a credit card to start a free trial?

No credit card required. You can click right here to instantly create your own free trial account. No strings attached.

what's included in a free trial?

Your 21 day free trial includes everything our Advanced Licence offers. A fully functioning licence - allowing you to set up a screen (even if you don’t have a digital signage screen yet). You’ll receive all the support you need to get you up on your digital feet. No credit card required. No strings attached.

which licence is best for me?


Our Basic Licence is ideal for those who are new to digital signage. It has everything you need to get content on your screens, without any of the unwanted clutter. If you have one location with minimal screens (and can live without scheduling your content ahead of time) our Basic Licence is the one for you.


Our Advanced Licence is packed with powerful features to get the most out of your digital signage. Ideal for those who manage multiple stores / locations - or simply don’t have time to waste! You’ll be fully equipped to manage your entire digital signage network, while saving yourself time and effort.


Our Pro Licence is ideal for those managing large networks, or if you simply want access to our Pro-level features. These include: a tagging system, in-depth user management, proof of play reports, single sign-on, interactivity (and the list goes on!). This licence will make managing hundreds to thousands of screens a piece of cake.

Learn more on our licences and pricing here.

how many licences do i need?

You will need one Fusion Signage licence per screen. 

For videowalls: If you have one media player being displayed across a 2x2 video wall (4 screens in total), this would only be one source (just larger!). However, if you are using a media player displaying unique content on each screen, then it would be one licence per screen.

what hardware does fusion signage work on?

Fusion Signage is compatible across any device using Android, BrightSign, ChromeOS, Linux, Philips, Sony, Tizen, WebOS and Windows, with more in development.

what hardware do you recommend pairing with fusion signage?

Our software works on a range of commercial-grade displays: Philips, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, JVL, ChiQ, and most other Android-based screens and media players.

my screen is offline - what do i do?
Most commonly, screen's show as offline for one of the following reasons:
  • Your screen/device has not been connected, or has lost connection to, the internet or WIFI
  • Your screen/device is not turned on
  • Your screen is not set to the correct source
  • Your screen/device is not running the Fusion Signage application
  • Your internet is preventing your screen/device from reaching our servers
See our full troubleshooting guide here.
how do i install fusion signage onto a screen?
how long does a licence last?

Our most popular licence durations are 5-year and 3-year - coinciding with the warranty on most commercial-grade screens. Our licences are also available on an annual basis.

what happens when my licence runs out?

We (or your Reseller) will send you a reminder notice before your licence is set to expire, and then the renew process is easy-peasy! In the case you choose not to renew, your screens will continue to display whatever content was previously scheduled with a Fusion Signage watermark on top. You won't be able to update or edit the content.

how do i upgrade my licence?

You have the ability to upgrade your licence at anytime. Get in touch with your Reseller or us via the form at the bottom of this page.

how is bandwidth calculated?

Bandwidth is only used when uploading new content to your media library. Changing what content is shown on your screen does not use any bandwidth. Your bandwith is also per licence, so with each licence - your allowance will accumulate.

how many screens can i have running on fusion signage?

As many as you want! Fusion Signage has the flexibility to suit any deployment size. Whether you have 1 or 1000+ screens. We recommend the Advanced or Pro Licence once you go above 5-10 screens. Feature like scheduling, grouping, and tagging exist to help you manage any number of screens at one time.

can i get custom functionality / features?

Absolutely! We base our development roadmap on feedback from our customers and Resellers. Almost any functionality can be custom built to ensure Fusion Signage works the way you need. Get in touch with us via the form at the bottom of this page.

can i sell fusion signage?

We would love that.

The Fusion Signage partner network is a collection of Resellers and Distributors who are using Fusion Signage to create opportunities and make life simple for their customers.

As a Fusion Signage Reseller, you'll be fully equipped with the power and support you exceed your customer’s needs. Need help showcasing the Fusion Signage platform? We have a wide range of demos you can utilise - anytime, anywhere. James and Ash are also available for demos and onboardings if you need some extra support.

We want to see our partnership succeed. We are dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward. All while elevating customer experiences, empowering business owners and making digital signage solutions easy-peasy! That sounds like a lot, but we mean every word of it. 💙

i have more questions
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