fusion signage 101:
let's learn the basics

It’s time to take the trickery out of tech. That’s why ours is easy.
So easy, in fact, that you can walk through the basics in this simple step-by-step guide. 

Empowered tip: Take time to watch the mini tutorial videos as you go. We promise they are quick, to the point and helpful!

natural navigation

You’ll find the navigation menu inside your Fusion Signage portal has been intuitively designed to be used linearly from the top downwards.


When you first login you’re shown your Dashboard for a quick overview of your digital signage network. Here you can view your total account storage and bandwidth (both accumulative with your licence count), how many licences you have and how many are currently online. You can also view your latest file uploads and some special news from your friendly Fusion Signage team.

 Quick overview of your digital signage network

View latest file uploads


Next, let’s upload your content. In Media you can upload new assets (images, videos, websites, templates, RSS feeds and live streams). Plus organise your assets into identifiable folders. On the very right you’ll see an option for ‘Columns’ – here you can customise what information you would like to see.

Add media assets (Support for images, videos, websites, templates, RSS feeds and live Facebook or YouTube streams)

Organise folder structure

Customise your view


Now let’s add your media into a Playlist. Navigate to the Playlists tab and click Add Playlist. Select your media to add, or drag and drop new media in. You now have a lot of freedom to set up and manage your playlist as suits you. You even have granular customisation such as setting a schedule to an individual piece of media within your playlist. Once you’re happy with your playlist, hit Publish to assign it to a screen.

Organise media into playlists

Set image durations

Hide, duplicate and preview

Set media-level scheduling


The ability to schedule your content ahead of time is a massive advantage of digital signage. This feature is available to our Advanced and Pro account holders. Simply navigate to the Schedules tab, and click Add Schedule. 

Empowered tip: Use ‘Default Playlist’ to set a playlist that your screens will default to playing when nothing is scheduled.

Schedule content ahead of time

Daypart content

Set default playlist for when no schedule is running


Next, let’s navigate to Screens. Here you can set which playlists are published on which screens, view important information such as their online and offline status’, and set offline email notifications.

From this tab, Advanced and Pro accounts also have the ability to group multiple screens together and update the content to all of them at once – a huge time saver!

 View important screen information

Assign playlists to screens

Group screens together to save management time

Set offline email notifications


Advanced and Pro accounts have access to our Templates section. Here you can create your own templates using our drag and drop editor. *Templates will soon be replaced with our new Designer and Marketplace. Stay tuned.*

Empowered Tip: In need of a custom template? Our talented designers can design almost any template to suit your needs. Get in touch!

Professionaly designed templates

Drag & drop editor

Elevated customer experiences


Within settings, you can edit your account details and security, plus edit users and permission groups. If you have an Advanced or Pro account, you can set up additional user permissions and tags to control what certain users can and can’t see.

Update account details

Add, edit and manage users

Set up multifactor authentication

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