let's walk through the basics
and set you up for success

let's walk through the basics and set you up for success

your dashboard

An overview of your digital signage network

When you first log in, you’re shown your dashboard for an overview of your digital signage network. You’ll see your total storage, number of licences and their active status’, your available bandwidth, and your screen’s online/offline status’. Alongside this you’ll also see a shortlist of your latest file uploads, so you can quickly be up to date on the last changes made within your account.


Bring your digital signage to life, instantly

Our Template Studio gives you access to hundreds of professionally designed, digital signage ready templates that can be customised to your needs and be live on your screens within minutes. If this interests you, get in touch with us and we can activate the Template Studio tab in your account.


Upload images, videos, websites and more

Navigating to the Media tab will give you the ability to upload new assets (images, videos, websites, templates and zones) as well as organise your assets into identifiable folders. On the very right side, you can toggle your media view, plus the column information you’d like to see.


Organise your content into playlists

Once you have your assets uploaded, navigate to the Playlist tab to create your first playlist. In the top right, click Add Playlist and give your playlist an identifiable name. From here, you can add your content assets into the playlist, or create a playlist within your playlist. When you have assets added to your playlist, you can simply drag to arrange your files into the desired order.


Plan and schedule your content ahead of time

The ability to schedule your content ahead of time is a feature available to our Advanced licence holders, and is a key advantage for any digital signage solution. Simply navigate to the Schedules tab, and click Add Schedule. Give it an identifiable name, then click into your preferred start time and fill in the requested scheduling details. 

Pro tip: At the top right you’ll see a button for Default Playlist. This allows you to set a playlist that your screens will default to playing when nothing is scheduled!


Bring your digital signage to life, instantly

The Screens tab will allow you to set which playlists are on which screens, as well as view important information such as their online / offline status’. You can also send in a purchase licence request, or add a new screen if you have just purchased a new licence. 

From this tab, Advanced licence holders also have the ability to group multiple screens together and update the content to all of them at once – a huge time saver!

user management and general settings

Manage your account settings and more

In the bottom left you’ll see an icon with your user initials, click this and you’ll find options for settings, support and more. Within settings, you can edit your account details and security, plus edit users and permission groups. You can also request Support, which will put you in touch with your Reseller or our team at Fusion Signage. The Help Guide and Quick Start video aim to answer any questions you may have, and the Feedback tab is there for if you would like to send us any constructive feedback.

permission groups and tags

Control who sees what

If you have an Advanced licence, you can set up additional user permission and tags to control what certain users can see. Clicking Add permission group, allows you to set a name, and determine the access that group has to your portal. You can set whether a user group has the ability to view, view & modify, or create elements within that section.


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