3 Tasty Ways to Engage Customers with Digital Signage for Restaurants

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Got a hunger that only digital signage for restaurants can satisfy? Order up! Whether it’s the clever tech, the lovely look or the way it captivates customers: you want to know more about digital signage software. But you also want it to be easy. Like, gin-and-soda kinda easy. That’s where we come in.

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, you want *need* easy ways to engage customers. But between the dishy calling in sick, double-booked reservations and an unusually large order of manchego (that no one will ‘fess up to ordering)… you need your digital signage software to be quick and easy. 

Next on the pass:

  • Why (oh why) digital signage for restaurants?
  • Tip 1. Elevate experiences with digital menu board software
  • Tip 2. Schedule your digital signage content and save time
  • Tip 3. Promote eye-catching events with templates
  • The verdict: digital signage for restaurants

Why (oh why) digital signage for restaurants?

It might tickle your mind to know that digital signage increases impulse purchases. Actually, they turn 19% of consumers into kids in a candy store (read: more compelled to buy). 

Here’s proof: just last week, our developers entered the office with a box of donuts. Actually, two boxes (and one already inhaled). 3 for 1 – irresistible! Why? Because who can resist a powder pink Doughboy dancing on screen?

But it’s not just pretty glazes and raining sprinkles that restaurants love about digital signage. It’s also the results. After all, wait times seem faster when digital signs are there to occupy the mind. Like, 35% faster. So customer smiles stretch wider. Read: more room to nibble with!

Here are just a few perks cafés, bars and restaurants love about Fusion Signage’s digital signage software:

Anyone can update
– Just drag and drop

 Bring digital signage to life in minutes
– Every feature you need and nothing you don’t

 Affordable digital signage content management software
– From-24c-per-day kinda affordable

Ready to captivate customers like tradies at a sausage sizzle?

Follow this mouthwatering trail to 3 of the top ways for your restaurant to engage.
Ruffle your radicchio leaves and check out the perks of digital menu boards.

tip 1. elevate experiences with
digital menu board software

Along with cooking meat in the microwave. Jiggling jelly out of veggies. And drizzling hollandaise over ham covered bananas.* Chalkboards are out.
Sure, they were cute for a little bit. But a static menu can only do so much. It’s a big reason why 88% of restaurants are considering the swap to digital.

*A real recipe – here’s proof.

Delight your customers with digital menu board software that delivers. After all, 74% of customers say an easy-to-read menu is their top priority. And it takes just ¼ of a second for the brain to process visual cues. So digital signage makes sense. Elevate experiences. Pique interest. And communicate more quickly. All in one.

Check out these digital menu boards brought to life in minutes.

Order up! Elevated experiences are just a few clicks away

Update in minutes – sold out of a dish? Dreaming of a new one you wanna trial? Received twenty kilos of free chocolate and need to think on your feet (we’ll help)? Update signs in a few simple clicks, even during service.

Here, see it in action.

Schedule weekly specials – Taco Tuesday. Wings Wednesday. Unlimited donuts between 8 am – 10:28 am every second Thursday. Firstly, yum. Secondly, have your screens update without you around.

Automate for seatings – use the dayparting function to automatically update content at certain times of day. Think: breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Simply set and forget. How easy is that?

tip 2. schedule your digital signage content & save time

Like margherita pizzas, truffle oil and (especially) fish sauce. When it comes to digital signage for restaurants: less is more. That’s why our quick start guide features just three steps. The ones you need to get content up and running on your screens.

Here’s exactly how to deploy our digital signage software for restaurants: 

1. Click ‘Playlists’
2. Click ‘Add Playlist’ and name it (Breakfast, for example!)
3. Click ‘Add Assets’
4. Select the folder you’d like to upload to
5. Drag your chosen images or videos in (or click ‘Browse’ to find them)

That’s it – *Pop! Pop!* << your celebratory Champagne
While you’re preparing for rush hour, know your digital signage has got your back. In fact, it’ll be smooth sailing in less time than it takes for your pot to come to a boil. #fact

Use the scheduling function to:

Change content based on the time of day, or day of the week
Have more people on the floor (not at the printers)

tip 3. promote eye-catching events (templates)

Your customers are always front of mind. After all, it’s those hungry bellies that keep your business running! So, once they’re in store, communicating what’s coming up is essential. Turn heads with digital signage in your restaurant. A high-end experience on less than a packet ramen budget.

But between paying a designer, printing out posters and updating signs across the store one by one… hard copy signs aren’t exactly riveting. And your team’s time could be used much better.

Enter: The Template Marketplace!

Access hundreds of professionally designed digital signage-ready templates.

Inside, you can:

browse over
1 million stock photos

add your own
images and videos


add shapes
and widgets


switch out

All in the name of creating eye-catching content. See that little glimmer of excitement in your customer’s eyes. As your restaurant’s digital signage is up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Check it out in action: Café 63 uses Fusion Signage to turn heads.

Digital signage tip: Add a call-to-action on your digital signage to encourage patrons to share on social media

digital signage for restaurants: the verdict

Early mornings. Late nights. Dietary requirements. Let’s give it up for you: working in or running a restaurant isn’t all eggs-sunny-side-up. Let your digital signage be the chocolate tip on your Cornetto.

Fusion Signage’s easy interface, simple features and connected support team is right here in Australia (and yes, we’re open hospo hours!). Your affordable digital signage software starts at just 24c per day.